Martin Katon: American Artist Magazine June 1979

Martin Katon: Portrait Artist of Animals
Diane Casella Hines (Author)
American Artist; Jun1979, Vol. 43 Issue 443, p50

The article features painter Martin Gilbert Katon. Katon paints portraits of animals, capturing its fundamental dignity and nobility of spirit.

Born in 1946, he grew up in a small town on the Huron River in Michigan, where he developed knowledge and love for nature and animals. As both his parents were art teachers, he learned the techniques of painting.

From George Wilner, he discovered the use of blacks, and the belief that if a subject speaks to him, he should paint it.

MARTIN KATON: PORTRAIT ARTIST OF ANIMALS by Diane Casella Hines. Katon's portraits reflect a keen attention to form and detail and an appreciation of the animal's true essence. This California artist hopes his works will illuminate the plight of our endangered species.

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